GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Functional KAlgebra

completed by: Furkan Üzümcü

mentors: Aleix Pol

The main goal of this task would be to get the typical functions that most functional languages implement working in KAlgebra.

The functions I would like to have implemented are:

- map, map2

- foldl, foldr

- min, min2

- max, max2

- filter

- hd, tl

- takewhile

The naming corresponds to Miranda's (, if there's any that's not understood just ask me. If there's any that _can't_ be implemented, it has to be justified.

A document with a little explanation of the experience (small, just to know the problems) will have to be delivered.

A KAlgebra log demonstrating that it works will be delivered too, together with a module file with the definitions.