GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Title: Konqueror KDE bugs cleanup and triage --- for the "khtml" category in bugzilla

completed by: Samuel Brack

mentors: A. L. Spehr


KDE has quite a big list of bugs and wishes. Unfortunately there are also quite a few duplicate bug reports, and there are older bugs that are no longer valid. In general, a bug report needs to be tested to see if it can be verified. Duplicates need to be marked. To check the validity of a bug, you need to be using a recent version of KDE. The more recent the better.

The task consists of both testing and cleanup. To complete it, work through 20 bugs. Create a account and on your personal page, and write down what you work through. Leave a comment on each bug report in saying what you find.

This task is for the section in bugzilla called "khtml".



  • Learn more about KDE
  • Having a better picture of the importance of ticket handling
  • Be able to give a hand in bug triaging
  • Learn the search features of bugzilla