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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Blog about your Google Code-In work about Marble

completed by: Furkan Üzümcü

mentors: tackat

This task is for people who have completed one or more significant tasks about Marble.

Now that you've finished your work on development it's time to raise awareness about it:

Create a blog entry about the whole work you've done:

  • Create a small description of the highlights.
  • Add a small screenshot for every single hightlight.
  • Point to documentation if it exists (userbase, docs, screencasts).
  • Describe your experience with the Marble team.
  • And if you liked the involvedment ask people to get involved with coding, documentation, artwork and promotion of Marble. Point them to our webpage: . You can use  the Marble-all-hands picture at ("Lots of helping hands have contributed to Marble ... join us!") in your blog entry to emphasize that point:


In order to complete the task you need to publish the blog entry (ideally also on if possible)