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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Create a flyer to promote KDE-Edu, part 1: text + screenshots

completed by: Daniel Toma

mentors: Anne-Marie Mahfouf

The KDE-Edu project does not have any promotional material. A flyer presenting the project would help greatly. It would be used in conferences, shows, expositions about Free Software as well as in Linux User groups.

The outcome should be an easy-to-print pdf with focused text, screenshots and colors.

Your task will be to write the text and do the screenshots for the flyer, the layout will be done afterwards. You will need to look at the KDE-Edu website and read about the software, to run KDE-Edu applications and to be able to find out what you can highlight in order to promote the project through a flyer. Keep in mind that the flyer will be translated in other languages and that the text should be promotional!

1) Read the KDE-Edu project website

2) Run the KDE-Edu software (it can be through a Live DVD like Edubuntu for example)

3) Get familiar with a snapshot program like KSnapshot

3) Write down the main points you think are good to be advertized

4) If you are familiar with IRC you can get help from the #kde-edu and the #kde-promo channels on freenode. Or you can also ask for help in the associated mailing lists

5) Choose the programs or features you want to show and take screenshots of them.

6) Put the text in the final form, maybe having in mind a layout for the flyer like a 3 fold A4 page. This is not compulsory but it might help you to think about the layout while proposing the text.

Once you have completed this task, another task will be to make the layout for the flyer and have it ready to print!