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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Konqueror KDE bugs cleanup and triage --- for the "konqueror" category in bugzilla

completed by: Samuel Brack

mentors: A. L. Spehr

KDE has quite a big list of bugs and wishes. Unfortunately there are also quite a few duplicate bug reports, and there are older bugs that are no longer valid. In general, a bug report needs to be tested to see if it can be verified. Duplicates need to be marked. To check the validity of a bug, you need to be using a recent version of KDE. The more recent the better.

The task consists of both testing and cleanup. To complete it, work through 20 bugs. Create a account and on your personal page, and write down what you work through. Leave a comment on each bug report in saying what you find.

This task is for the section in bugzilla called "konqueror". Lots of bugs are filed there which should be elsewhere. You get to figure out what part of KDE they actually should be filed under and move them. Follow the usual BugSquad bug triage documentation for sorting/closing. Many of these will be refiled into subsections of "konqueror".



  • Learn more about KDE
  • Having a better picture of the importance of ticket handling
  • Be able to give a hand in bug triaging
  • Learn the search features of bugzilla

More information:

Join irc on freenode. Anybody on #kde-bugs can help you. It is not a channel to report bugs to, though!

Read the information in the topic of that irc channel --- any of the older BugDays will have information on how to do basic bug triage. This task is an item you can do multiple times, just ask for a new version of the task to be created. It will be quicker after you have some experience, as you will be given permissions to edit the bugs.

Join #khtml to ask about harder bugs. #konqueror exists, but is not an active channel.


the latest KDE trunk software (snapshots or compiled), a KDE bugzilla account (, logical thinking, pedanticism

What you do NOT need: programming knowledge or intricate knowledge of KDE