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javascript testcase writing --- for the "konqueror/khtml *" category in bugzilla

completed by: Pasta-K (Shoot MORII)

mentors: A. L. Spehr

Quick summary: write 10 testcases in javascript


Konqueror/KHTML has many bug reports. In rendering bug reports, if a report can be changed from " doesn't render" to "these 5 lines of javascript/html show a rendering error", the bug can be fixed much quicker and easier by developers.

Specific to this bug task:

This task is for the sub-sections in bugzilla called "konqueror/khtml *". If you search, you will see that some bugs have [testcase] in the title. Your job is to first make sure the bug still exists with the most recent version of trunk, then to reduce a long complicated webpage into a very simple testcase. i.e. you are finding which part of the webpage reproduces the rendering error.

Write a testcase for ten bug reports. You may want to get guidence from #khtml as to which are good choices.

Create a account and on your personal page, and write down what you work through. Leave a comment including your testcase on each bug report in

More information:

Join irc on freenode. Anybody on #kde-bugs can help you some. It is not a channel to report bugs to, though!

Read the information in the topic of that irc channel --- any of the older Konqueror/KHTML BugDays will have information on how to write a testcase. This task is an item you can do multiple times, just ask for a new version of the task to be created.

Join #khtml, people there can help you. #konqueror exists, but is not an active channel.


the latest KDE trunk software (snapshots or compiled), a KDE bugzilla account (, logical thinking, HTML/javascript is useful

What you do NOT need: intricate knowledge of KDE