GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 KDE

BugSquad LiveCD/DVD

completed by: Eric

mentors: Michael Leupold

When managing incoming bugs in our bug tracker it is often necessary to check if bugs still exist in the latest version of our software. "Latest version" in this context usually refers to the trunk version and thus introduces quite a hurdle for newcomers who'd like to help. One good way to solve this is by providing users with a downloadable live medium (CD/DVD) to help test-drive.

The goal of this task is to create a Live CD/DVD suited for doing bug triage. Requirements for bug triage include:


  • Latest trunk version of KDE (applications installed should be changeable as suited to the current triage task)
  • Easy maintenance of the LiveCD/DVD project, easy updates
  • Includes applications needed for bug triage (browser, IRC client)
  • Recent free display drivers preinstalled, proprietary drivers (NVIDIA) installable while running (for license reasons)
  • Option to keep configuration (eg. on existing partition or on USB drive)
  • Integration of debug symbols for backtrace generation on application crash (debug symbols for the whole stack down to Qt should be included)


Tentative steps:


  • Figure out how bug triage works; collect, amend, document and verify LiveCD/DVD requirements
  • Evaluate available solutions for Linux live CD/DVD creation
  • Create the LiveCD/DVD
  • Document the LiveCD/DVD for users and maintainers