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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Create a Simple Mixing Brush, Bonus Stage 2

completed by: Natan Yellin

mentors: Pentalis


Krita is a KDE program for sketching and painting, offering an end–to–end solution for creating digital paintings.

In Krita, brush engines are known as 'painting operations' or paintops for short. Each paintop is a plugin, a piece of code that's not fundamental to build Krita, but can be added for extra functionality (in this case, the extra functionality is a new brush engine).

Historically, Krita is missing a mixing brush, the closest to color mixing in the current collection of brushes is the smudge brush.

In this epic journey, your mission is to put an end to this lack of a mixing brush, one task at a time. This 'campaign mode' task is divided in several stages such that others can continue if the first contributor leaves, and to let you claim credit for several tasks if you complete the whole campaign.



***You must complete this task before you can claim any task in this campaign***

Mission: Get Krita to build on your computer.


You need a working GNU/Linux install in your computer.



***Complete Stage 2 first to claim this***

Stage: 2 bonus

Mission: Research what color really is and what color spaces are!. Also research what color management is. Try to find the link that joins all those concepts.

Instructions: You will need tons of Wikipedia and a few physics textbooks to understand this (I suggest Hewitt's Conceptual Physics if you can grab it at your school's library).

This is really a self study task. All you need to do to pass it is to give your mentor a satisfactory, in-your-own-words, description of what color really is and what color spaces are. Once you have learned this valuable lesson, it will be immensely easier for you to understand its applications, like 'color management' and Krita's special KoMixColorsOp. Some people earn a living applying color management to printing, the idea is to ensure the customer he will get on paper what he saw on the screen. Spiffy eh?, Knowledge is power.

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