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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Romanian GUI Translation for KAlgebra

completed by: Lisbeth S

mentors: Victor Carbune

KAlgebra is a mathematical calculator based on content markup MathML language, capable to make simple MathML operations (arithmetic and logical) and to representate 2D and 3D graphs.

According to KDE Localization Stats, 183 (77%) of the strings are untranslated, and 19 (8%) are marked as fuzzy. Follow these basic steps in order to completely translate KAlgebra in Romanian:

  • Subscribe to the and read the general information from
  • Install Lokalize, following the instructions from here
  • Download the file kalgebra.po
  • Configure Lokalize before you start translating: 
    • Settings -> Configure Lokalize (your name, your email, default language (ro), mailing list
    • When you open the .po file, please go to Project -> Configure Project (id: name of the file, target language: ro, ml: and at the personal tab please select Role: Translator.
  • Open the file and translate it.
  • Please leave all your work with the status as "Needs Review", including the already existing strings marked with "Needs review" you correct.
  • "Your email" and "Your name" string should not be translated. They should contain name and email :-).

Send by e-mail ( the saved translated files.