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Add Online Maps (static Url, "OSM style") to the Map Creation Wizard

completed by: Utku Aydın

mentors: tackat

The Map Creation Wizard

currently supports WMS servers and local worldmap images.

We'd like to also provide support for static http Urls, such as those used for OpenStreetMap servers and other popular mapping services.

The current user interface would get extended so that on the page which offers to either choose WMS or worldmap support a third option is added as a radiobutton:

(*) Online maps (static Url, "OSM" style")

The next dialog should then look like this:


Server Url: [______________________]  (QLineEdit)

Image Format:  [ PNG ]   (QComboBox)

[ Test ]   [  ]


Pressing the "Test" button would download and display the level 0 tile in the label next to the button (marked as [ ]) using the Server Url and file format entered above.


This input would internally get converted into dgml code like this (see the openstreetmap.dgml as an example):

downloadUrl protocol="http" host="" path="/tiles/cycle/" />

The most common use case is Mercator and 1x1 as a level zero layout case. So we should just assume that.

Once the information got entered the Legend would get created using the same mechanism as for the local worldmap image. Afterwards the metadata would get queried as always.