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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Show main tasks of students and solutions with KDE software

completed by: Giannis Konstantinidis

mentors: Thomas Thym

KDE (software and community) offers a couple of fantastic opportunities for students to improve their work and life with computers. Unfortunately this is not known by everyone. It would be awsome to have a wikipage to spread that information.

1. Analyze: Based your analyzis on the survey "Survey of computer use of students" (see the task list; What are the main tasks (privates as well as for school) students (you, your classmates etc.) are doing with your computer? (writing text, making presentations, e-mail, internet, facebook, photomanagement, ...)

2. Show the tasks: Show the tasks with a picture (e.g. screenshot) and a short description.

3. Get a KDE live CD [1], play around with KDE software.

4. Know the Applications: Take a look at the wiki [2] and/or install KDE software (e.g. KDE EDU) on you life CD. (I can help you here if you have questions.)

5. Present solutions to the tasks you mentioned in 2. (Name and short description of the app, link to the webpage, advantages, screenshots etc.)

Let's discuss your ideas together to achieve excellent results.


[1] Choose one of the following linke, burn it on CD and boot from that CD. Your harddisk is not touched with a life CD. Remove it and you will find your computer exactely like you had it before. => Get it => KDE live

[2] Documentation of KDE applications: