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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Open/Free Content for KDE live CDs, Part II

completed by: Todor Stoyanov

mentors: Thomas Thym

It is difficult to show the power of KDE software with a live CD (or a demo system) without any content. A pool of free content (images, videos, music, documents) would solve that problem.

We started a collection of content (under redistributable licenses) at:

The aim of this task is to supplement this page.

The video and music sections were edited in a previous task. Now the challenge is to:

1. Integrate some pictures and photos incl. the licenses. Provide one or better a view compressed files (zip, tar, ...) for easy download. 

2. Integrate some documents incl. the licenses. Use e.g. documentations like KDE booklet or other KDE stuff (join the game) and provide it in different formats (odf, pdf, doc, docs). Do this at least for text documents and spreadsheets). Provide one or better (depends on the file sizes) a view (one for text and one for spreadsheets) compressed files (zip, tar, ...) for easy download.