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Amarok What's New: Article for the Insider

completed by: Pedro Oliveira Raimundo

mentors: Valorie Zimmerman

Nice list of the most important features of 2.4 for the Insider lead article.  Requires some wiki markup, as well as screenshots for illustrating the text. 2.4 beta for the screenshots would be useful. Beta info if you don't have it installed:

Please look at some of the previous Insider lead articles to get an idea for style and layout:

Accuracy and judgement are important, along with proper spelling and grammar. I'll work with you on this. Keep in mind that we aren't just listing new features for the release announcement; we're whetting potential user''s curiousity and excitement.

Post your article here:

Please don't be distressed by the HTML that's showing -- it will be useful when it's time to put up for final publication at Don't waste any time using wiki markup -- just use HTML which will work in Drupal.

Please come into #amarok and #rokymotion (Freenode IRC) with questions -- even if I'm not around, they are both full of helpful, knowledgeable people.