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Automatically suggested Previews in the Create Map Wizard

completed by: Utku Aydın

mentors: tackat

The Map Creation Wizard

currently queries the user for a preview image.

It would be nice if the wizard would automatically create a preview image based on the level-zero tile.

In order to do this the wizard would fetch/create a level zero tile (for the WMS/woldmap/staticUrl case). The image would get saved in the target location for the preview symbol. And the Url of the ready-made preview would get entered into the preview image query lineedit of the wizard as a default entry (and hence the preview would get shown automatically).

An additional step in order to complete this task consists of saving the level 0 image in the WMS case: Currently the required level 0 tile is substituted by a black image/tile. The "real" one should be saved instead.