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MapWizard GeoScene Refactoring, Step 4: Creation of DGML writer classes / Unit tests

completed by: Utku Aydın

mentors: tackat

This task is a follow-up task of the Research task that investigates refactoring of the

Map Creation Wizard:

In order to start this task the task

needs to get completed.

This task is about the fourth step presented in that document:

DGML writer classes need to be written for all the tags that are involved with the MapWizard. All of them should be registered using GeoTagWriterRegistrar.

Very basic Unit tests should get written to test their proper working.

We suggest to start the work with tags that are at the end (leaf) of the document: the zoom tag with its children is probably best-suited.


The task is part of of a series of difficult tasks that refactor the Map Creation Wizard in a way so that it works based on GeoScene classes which has benefits in terms of extensibility, maintenance, etc. . The completion of this task series requires some very good in-depth understanding of Marble's technical design and the way GeoScene classes work.