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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Wiki: Fixing Style Issues of Liquid Thread Discussion Pages

completed by: MTGap

mentors: Matthias MeƟmer

KDE userbase, a wiki based on mediawiki, uses the liquid thread extension to handle discussions about the pages. This has some issues regarding to undocumented css classes of the extension. In addition the current skin "chihuahua" doesn't display discussion threads and action elements correctly.


  1. Taking an existing stylesheet which lacks documentation, identifying the sections and commenting appropriately.
  2. Writing alternative styling to address specific problems identified by the web team, and commenting in the same style.
  3. The two tasks should be sufficiently separate for the original author of the Mediawiki extension to add them to his work should he choose to.

Outcome: For KDE wikis, easier managed, clear threaded conversations. For other Mediawiki sites using the extension, a better documented stylesheet which will allow easier implementation with their own site's requirement.

IRC: #kde-www on freenode

Mailing List

Mentor: Matthias Meßmer <messmer at>