GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 KDE


completed by: Evyatar Parker

mentors: Sandro Andrade

KDE is not affiliated to and does not endorse any particular Linux distribution. However, by necessity we often use a distro Live CD/DVD to demo our software, even though it may be different to what we release. Based on an existing distribution, create a Live CD/DVD that contains only KDE branding and vanilla KDE software.

That should be done in a way that future updates can easily be done, localization fully supported, and should also include promotional stuff like a KDE greeter/tour, screencasts, pictures, videos, tutorials, and other documentation stuff. We should endeavour for a high performance distribution with an option to install on hard disk. Some investigation could also be done regarding the use of different KDE platform profiles and Plasma flavor according to target installation device.

Some interaction with other GCI2010 tasks is expected like: Video ad for KDE, KDE Slide Show, and Workspace Screencasts.

Possible technologies to achieve this task include: suseStudio, Linux from Scratch, Linux Live, Knoppix, and NimbleX.

Tentative steps:

  • Evaluation of available solutions for Linux live CD/DVD creation. Analysis of pros/cons and pick up the best approach.
  • Refinement of KDE Live CD goals in terms of desired apps, documentation, target devices, and promotional stuff.
  • Boot and KDE launchment implementation.
  • Plasma configuration.
  • KDE greeter/tour.
  • Install feature implementation.
  • Spread :)