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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

KStars Quality Assurance

completed by: Diego Luca Candido

mentors: Victor Carbune, Akarsh Simha

KStars has a lot of neat features, but from time to time it has been reported that they do not return the correct results.

Go through all the features and tools KStars has and find out where discrepancies exist between the theoretical expected results and the ones KStars provides. These are all the features under the Tools menu, in KStars (Altitude vs. Time, Sky Calendar, Jupiter Moons, Solar System) and others.

We accept any methods through which you can prove that there are problems, however we encourage you to always look for the theoretical discrepancy.

The outcome of this task consists of at least 5 (bug) reports regarding how correctly these tools are implemented. Identifying problems in the code (which we point out) is not required - but yes, that would great as well.