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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Open/Free Content for KDE live CDs, Part III

completed by: Paul

mentors: Thomas Thym

It is difficult to show the power of KDE software with a live CD (or a demo system) without any content. A pool of free content (images, videos, music, documents) would solve that problem.

We started a collection of content (under redistributable licenses) at:

The aim of this task is to supplement this page.

The video and music sections were edited in a previous task. To show the power of Amarok the music files have to work with the features Amarok provides (Wikipedia support, lyrics, covers). Now the challenge is to:

1. Install Amarok on your linux system or start it from a live CD.

2. Download one of the music files from

3. Play them in Amarok and check

a) if the covers could be downloaded properly (automatically)

b) there is information in the Wikipedia module of Amarok

c) the lyrics are loaded properly.

If that does not work I will open a new task to improve that.