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Marking map themes as "favourite" in Marble

completed by: marthd

mentors: tackat

Currently Marble displays the map themes in the map view alphabetically. There's an exception for the Satellite View, Atlas and OpenStreetMap: Those maps get displayed at the top due to their importance.

Once more themes get installed the listview gets quite long and the user's favourite maps might be a bit tricky to find. So as a solution we would like to introduce a "favorite" tag:

It should be possible using the context menu to tag a map theme as a favourite map. It would then get displayed at the top and would not appear in the remaining alphabetically sorted list. So basically all maps marked as favourite would appear inside the listview in a "section" of its own in front of the remaining ones which are alphabetically sorted. Maps marked as favorite would get a "bookmark" icon displayed overlayed over the map preview symbol in the bottom right corner.

The map that most recently got marked as favourite would always be at the top and would be the first to appear in the list - until another favourite gets added. It should also be possible to untag favorite maps so that they would drop from the favourite section and would be part of the alphabetically sorted section inside the listview.

Of course it needs to be stored on the harddisk which maps are tagged as "favorite" so that in another Marble session the favourites are still preserved. The tricky part about this task is storing the favourite maps chosen in the settings. This could be done using QSettings and needs to be researched as part of this task.

With the new implementation in place the Satellite View, Atlas and OpenStreetMap should get marked as favorite by default. This should be done as a default user setting so that the user can decide to "untag" those three maps as favorite if he prefers so.