GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Improve the screenshots of the KDE Human Interface Guidelines

completed by: rubik

mentors: Michael Rudolph

Improve the screenshots of our HIG. Do this by following the recommendations from our design experts, outlined below:

* The second screenshot doesn't really show how the ellipsis is
commonly misused. Better examples would be to put an ellipsis on the
Save... Quit... and Delete... items only.
* Also, print, quit, and delete are not capitalized.

Date Time
* Screenshot could be improved by selecting all 8 characters in the
Bad example. Having none selected doesn't really illustrate the

Menu Bar
* Screenshot doesn't really illustrate the good or bad of the guidelines...
* The "Good" example is incorrect. Configure Items is not a valid menu
item name, it should only be one word
* The "Bad" examples could be improved by highlighting what is bad
about them. Readers might not notice that certain items don't have
keyboard shortcuts or that a label is concatenated

Tabs Pages
* The first screenshot would be better if there were an additional tab
instead of spacing around the label to make the tabs bigger


Get in touch with kde-usability@ for review of your improvements.

The task should be fairly easy to complete, but given the holidays, we added some extra time.

Good luck and merry christmas!