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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Romanian GUI Translation for Kig (Part I)

completed by: ScienceJust

mentors: Victor Carbune

 Translate 400 strings from kig.po file from here (KDE Localization Stats). Basic instructions:

  • Subscribe to the and read the general information from
  • Install Lokalize, following the instructions from here
  • Download the files
  • Configure Lokalize before you start translating: 
    • Settings -> Configure Lokalize (your name, your email, default language (ro), mailing list
    • When you open the .po file, please go to Project -> Configure Project (id: name of the file, target language: ro, ml: and at the personal tab please select Role: Translator.
  • Open the file and translate it.
  • Please leave all your work with the status as "Needs Review", including the already existing strings marked with "Needs review" you correct.
  • "Your email" and "Your name" string should not be translated. They should contain your name and email :-).

Send us by e-mail ( the saved translated files.