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Make the Position Marker plugin configurable by adding a settings page

completed by: marthd

mentors: tackat

This is the follow-up task for the task "Create an About dialog for the position marker plugin". It's highly recommended to complete the about dialog task before starting this one.

The position marker's source code is located in the marble source code directory marble/src/plugins/render/positionmarker .

A configuration dialog for the position marker plugin should get created.The configuration dialog should allow the user to change the look and feel of the position marker. Currently the position marker is painted using QPainter as a polygon.

Alternatively it should be possible to choose an image from a file (e.g. a png or SVG) in the configuration dialog that would get drawn instead. The custom image chosen should get previewed in a QLabel.

The UI would look like this ( "(o)" resembles radiobuttons and [<] the QLabel that previews ):



(o) Original Arrow Cursor

(o) Custom Cursor: [ ______________ ] [...]          (QLineEdit with Url, the [...] button triggers a QFileDialog)

     Preview: [<]


The UI should be done as a Qt Designer .ui file.


You can have a look at the task

which provides something similar for the crosshairs in Marble.


Have a look at

and at the existing Online Plugins. The Wikipedia plugin has got a configuration dialog  that you can use as a "template".