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Amarok Handbook: Check links, navigation, wiki markup

completed by: goffrie

mentors: Valorie Zimmerman

This is a relatively boring task, I'm afraid. I've headed most all the Handbook pages at with a Construction tag. All pages with this tag need to be checked for:

1. All links should be clicked and verified for both code and the correct, live pages; corrected or flagged if they can't be corrected.

2. Some pages have navigation links, and some lack them altogether, while others may be coded incorrectly. EVERY navigation link needs to be clicked and checked, on every page. EVERY page.

3. Wiki markup should be checked for correctness - menuchoice for every menuchoice, keycap for every key choice, Input for every user console input, Output for all expected console output. Amarok and all other apps should be bolded, while parts of Amarok should be in italics, every time they are mentioned, even if it seems silly and repetitive.

4. A few pages have a TODO of creating wiki tables rather than the lists which were created in the early days of the contest. These tables should be created with the present text. I'll work with you on this.

As always, the , , and are your bible. Please don't apply for this task if you aren't already experienced at Userbase wiki markup.

I'll be gone for the New Year's holiday, unfortunately, but as always, the helpful folks in #amarok and #rokymotion can answer your questions about Amarok. They will not be able to help you with GCI task questions, however. You'll have to wait until my return for that.