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Amarok Handbook: Fixing some Screenshots

completed by: Ivan Nakov

mentors: Valorie Zimmerman

This should be an easy task for anyone with 2.4 beta installed (2.3.90, or built from git). Many of these screenshots were done awhile ago, in a version pre-dating 2.4. Pages which need new screenshots (600x600 is max. display size): - please make this pretty -- most covers showing, the applets looking attractive, fun playlist. Please hide Likeback icons if you are running git version. Free music is best, if possible! Jamendo and Magnatunes are both possible sources of Free music. Attractive and interesting are valuable too. :-)

Same with, in a couple of places., the same, top and middle., top., bottom.

Top 4 shots here are too large, show too much of Amarok rather than focusing on the media devices: needs some new screenshots. Not only are they very confusing, they don't show the new Queue Manager button at the bottom of the Playlist pane. 1st and 4th, for sure -- top 4 if that will look best.

Unfortunately, all the shots in the Amarok Window Layouts section of should be replaced. Also, more variety would be good.

Please remember to title your screenshots so they are easy to find later, such as Amarok-2.4-full.png for example.

For any necessary wiki markup, rely on , , and are your bible. I'm usually in #amarok and #rokymotion on Freenode.