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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Update Russian translation of KAlgebra

completed by: Max Vorobuov

mentors: Yuri Chornoivan

KAlgebra is KDE calculator, drawing tool, and initial level CAS.

Current Russian translation is incomplete (83 messages are untranslated).

There are 336 messages left to translate in Russian documentation of KAlgebra. But do not be afraid, as 311 of them can be copied from original (examples of commands) or copied from interface translation.

Files to translate:

  1. kalgebra.po (inteface)
  2. kalgebra.po (documentation)
  3. kalgebra_commands.po (command reference)

Your task is to complete the translation into Russian. The translation should comply with Russian KDE team guidelines and contain no automatically detected typos. To complete the task you have to provide localized screenshot (see this reference).

What you should know

  • Read and remember Russian KDE team localization guidelines (in Russian),
  • Note that most often asked questions are already answered in the concise handbook on translation of KDE (in Russian) by Russian KDE team,
  • The best place to ask any questions on KDE Russian localization is our mailing list (see below).
  • You can send the translation to the mailing list (please compress it before sending) for the review, but the final result must be attached to this task page.
  • Lokalize as well as KDE translation memory can be easily used in Windows (please ask if you are not sure about how to make it work).


  • KDE Russian translation mailing list:
    It's recommended to subscribe to the mailing list. After you send your first e-mail to the mailing list, please, check if your message has been delivered by finding it in the mailing list archives.
  • Mentor: Yuri Chornoivan <>
    Send me an e-mail if you have problems with posting to the mailing list or any other problems that are not suitable for discussion in the mailing list.