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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Update Russian documentation of KGet

completed by: Eugene Aslanov

mentors: Yuri Chornoivan

KGet is KDE Download manager.

English documentation to KGet can be found here.

Currently Russian localization of KGet is almost complete (88% is enough to translate the documentation), but the documentation is almost untranslated (18 of 143 translatable strings).

Your task is to translate KGet documentation into Russian. The translation should comply with Russian KDE team guidelines. To complete the task you have to provide localized screenshots.

What you should know

  • Read and remember Russian KDE team localization guidelines (in Russian),
  • Note that most often asked questions are already answered in the concise handbook on translation of KDE (in Russian) by Russian KDE team,
  • The best place to ask any questions on KDE Russian localization is our mailing list (see below).


  • KDE Russian translation mailing list:
    It's recommended to subscribe to the mailing list. After you send your first e-mail to the mailing list, please, check if your message has been delivered by finding it in the mailing list archives.
  • Mentor: Yuri Chornoivan <>
    Send me an e-mail if you have problems with posting to the mailing list or any other problems that are not suitable for discussion in the mailing list.