GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

Training: Create demo surveys for the most important features

completed by: jburns20

mentors: Marcel Minke, Machaven

1. Problem Description

Limesurvey offers a wide range of features. Some of them are a little complex to set up in a survey. To help new users getting familiar with these feature, we intend to create several sample surveys which users can easily download from our manual and import for testing.
Each survey should contain 8-10 questions, depending on the feature that is demonstrated.


2. Task List (Surveys to be created)

  1. Use of array filter and array exclusive option
  2. How to set different types of conditions
  3. Create a quiz using assessments and SGQA identifier to show the users answers at the end of the survey.
  4. Screen users by making use of quotas
  5. Demonstrate the use of ~10 different question attributes.


3. Task Steps

  1. Get familiar with Limesurvey by using our demo or installing Limesurvey yourself.
  2. Read the documentation linked above.
  3. Create a first survey and ask your mentor for feedback.
  4. Create the rest of the surveys.
  5. Create a topic in our forum and ask for some user feedback.
  6. Add feedback where useful.
  7. Merge all surveys in a big demo survey using group/question import/export while keeping the smaller survey versions.


4. Overview

Note: An installed copy of limesurvey can be made available online for your task.

Time Frame: 48 hours

Skills: Creating surveys using Limesurvey, communicate with coomunity

Difficulty: Easy

Mentor: Mazi (english, german)