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Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

Training: Create a video tutorial for creating a custom survey template

completed by: recKz

mentors: Machaven, Carsten Schmitz

1. Problem Description

Limesurvey has a template editor which allows users to create and modify templates used when displaying surveys. These templates allow survey administrators to adjust the look and feel of their surveys and brand them as well. Create a video tutorial showing users how to create a copy of the default template and modify it.

The Video should include:

  1. An overview of the template editor and a description of what each area of the template editor is used for.
  2. An explanation of the different screens.
  3. Inserting a company logo in to the template.
  4. Basic adjustments in the css to modify the appearance of questions.
  5. Customizing the survey description page.
  6. Customizing the end page.

It will be best to record each video section separately and then join the video at the end. Your will need to create a script for your video which includes all the steps you will be showing in your video and the dialog associated with each step.


2. Task Steps

  1. Create a script with dialog to explain what will be done in the video from start to end.
  2. Submit your video script to your mentor for review.
  3. Record/Produce each section for your video tutorial.
  4. Submit each video to your mentor for review.
  5. Merge your video sections into an xvid avi with mp3 audio.
  6. Submit your video to your mentor.


3. Overview

Note: An installed copy of limesurvey can be made available online for your task.

Time Frame: 96 Hours

Skills: Screen Recording, Video and Sound Editing

Difficulty: Medium

Mentor: Machaven