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Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

Translate LimeSurvey to your mother language

completed by: Henry Tank

mentors: Carsten Schmitz, Machaven

1. Description

A good translation is key to make LimeSurvey available to a broad audience. LimeSurvey sports more than 50 languages and all need to be maintained and updated while LimeSurvey is evolving. You are in the position to help us on this task - if you are a native speaker of the particular language.


2. Task Steps

  1. Languages that really need some love are:
    1. Albanian
    2. Arabic
    3. Basque
    4. Bosnian
    5. Hebrew
    6. Hindi
    7. Hungarian
    8. Icelandic
    9. Indonesian
    10. Irish
    11. Korean
    12. Lettish
    13. Macedonian
    14. Norwegian Nynorsk
    15. Serbian
    16. Sinhalese
    17. Vietnamese
  2. Also check out maybe if a translation to your language does not exist at all (new translations are always welcome)
  3. Read the documentation on LimeSurvey 1.x Translating LimeSurvey
  4. Translate as crazy - check your translation using a local copy of LimeSurvey.(if you need help how to do this please let us know). Using automated translation tools is only allowed if you revise each string afterwards.
  5. Submit your updated/new translation to us.


3. Overview

Time Frame: 72 Hours

Skills: Strong Language Skills, POEdit

Difficulty: Mediuim

Mentor: c_schmitz