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Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

Group question types and show preview at question edit

completed by: Kshitij

mentors: Carsten Schmitz

1. Problem Description

When adding a new question in Limesurvey you are presented a list of available question types which is sorted alphabetically. The sorting doesn't make much sense, it would be far better to have the questions grouped by type. Also showing a preview image in some way maybe along with a more detailed explanation while the user is chosing a question type will also help to find the best question type.


2. Task List

  1. Group available question types (like it is done for example in the survey select box  with surveys: active, expired, inactive) at the drop down
  2. Find a great way to show one or more preview images for the actual question type while the user is selecting (maybe hovering) the question type - it should be intuitive and fun. Feel free to use jQuery (UI) /Ajax if needed.


3. Task Steps

  1. Have a look at the available question types
  2. Make a suggestion on how to group questions and how you think the question type selection could be enhanced and ask your mentor for feedback.
  3. Once you have agreed on a certain grouping, edit the code so the drop down shows the questions grouped
  4. For each question type, create a very small sample question in Limesurvey and make a screenshot
  5. Add some Javascript/jQuery magic to automatically load the correct preview image after the user has chosen a question type
  6. Show the preview images and code to your mentor and ask for feedback


4. Overview

Time Frame: 96 hours

Skills: PHP, Javascript/jQuery

Difficulty: Medium

Mentor: Carsten Schmitz (German/English)