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Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

Research: Analyse user feedback and port suggestions to our idea tracker

completed by: PI

mentors: Marcel Minke, Carsten Schmitz

1. Problem Description

From time to time Limesurvey|conducts[IMAGE] user feedback surveys]] to find out how our users use the software and which features they are missing. We received quite a lot feedback during the last months and a lot of valuable information can be found at the textual feedback. It's a mixture of praise, suggestions for new features and other useful comments. This needs to be summed up. Also useful suggestions for new features should be ported to our idea tracker[IMAGE] so we have this on our list for future development.


2. Task Steps

  1. We will give you access to our survey system so you can export the survey data into MS Word, Excel or what else you like.
  2. Go through all the textual user feedback and create a list of common complaints, suggested features and the like.
  3. Once you are done, order the lists by frequency and present it to your mentor.
  4. Your mentor will go through your list and mark those ideas worth porting to the idea tracker.
  5. Add ideas to the idea tracker


3. Overview

Time Frame: 48 Hours

Skills: Data Analysis, Report Writing, Using Idea Tracker

Difficulty: Easy

Mentor: Mazi (english, german)