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Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

User interface: Monitor how new users use Limesurvey

completed by: simpol

mentors: Marcel Minke, Carsten Schmitz

1. Problem Description

After having installed Limesurvey most users want to start creating their first survey. We hope to have created an intuitive user interface but as experienced users we often are not aware of possible drawbacks.
To find out at which step of the survey creation work flow users might run into problems, you should monitor 2-3 friends during the survey creation process. Just develop a simple 5-7 question survey, print it and hand it to your friends. They should then try to create this survey in Limesurvey while you are montitoring their progress and write down problems you recognize. Of course they are allowed to use our documentaion, so we might also find out which parts of the manual are not clear.


2. Task Steps

  1. Get familiar with Limesurvey by using our demo or installing Limesurvey yourself.
  2. Read the documentation linked above.
  3. Create a simple 5-7 question survey and print it.
  4. Hand the printed survey to one of your friends and tell him/her to create the survey using Limesurvey.
  5. Note down any problem he/she rans into and any part of the manual that is unclear.
  6. Forward the list of to your mentor and ask for feedback.
  7. Ask 1-2 other friends to complete the task mentioned at 4.)
  8. Sum up all feedback and point to the biggest problems you noticed.


3. Overview

Time Frame: 72 hours

Skills: Creating surveys using Limesurvey

Difficulty: Easy

Mentor: Mazi (english, german)