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Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

Outreach: Write a lengthy Wikipedia article about Limesurvey

completed by: shademaster00

mentors: Marcel Minke, Carsten Schmitz

1. Problem Description

Some articles about Limesurvey already exists at Wikipedia in different languages. Most of them are rather short, outdated or incomplete. To spread the work about Limesurvey we'd like you to create a lengthy article about Limesurvey in your local Wikipedia version. This article should list all main features of Limesurvey in a continuous text (no simple enumeration) as well as examples on how Limesurvey can be used.
Furthermore some screen shots, a more detailed history of the project, more links to our documentation and advanced services like Limeservice and the like. It might be useful to have a look at Wikipedia articles about other software to see what is listed there.


2. Task List

  1. Collect all information you can find about Limesurvey.
  2. Take a look at other Wikipedia articels about open source software projects.
  3. Create a suggestion for your article structure and hand it to your mentor.
  4. Once you have set up a useful structure with your mentor, start adding a new/overwork an existing Wikipedia article in your local language.
  5. Your article should include:
    - the core features
    - examples how Limesurvey can be used
    - examples of famous companies/organizations who have used Limesurvey
    - links to our manual/website/services
    - a history of the project
    - a comparison to other online survey software
    - maybe some quotes about Limesurvey from the comparisons listed above
    - references to all main sections of the article
  6. Ask for user feedback at the Limesurvey forum. Did you miss anything?
  7. Encourage other users to translate the brand new article.


3. Overview

Time Frame: 48 hours

Skills: Wiki editing, research for information, reading documentation

Difficulty: Easy

Mentor: Mazi (english, german)