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Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

Modify the LimeSurvey user interface to make use of jQuery tabs

completed by: Suhas Sharma

mentors: Carsten Schmitz, andrie

1. Problem Description

Traditionally, LimeSurvey made use of HTML to control tabbed behaviour. We are slowly migrating the interface to make of jQuery tabs. Your task is to modify certain three input masks to use jQuery tabs.

You can use the code in the "Translate Survey" functionality (translate.php) as an example.

Convert the following screens

  • Set assessment rules
  • Edit/new question
  • New question group


2. Task Steps

  1. Install the development branch of LimeSurvey
  2. Identify the lines of code that need to be modified in the php code
  3. Code the change and create a subversion patch
  4. Submit and discuss the patch with your mentor
  5. Your changes will be submitted by your mentor to the code base


3. Overview

Time Frame: 72 hours

Skills: CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery

Difficulty: Medium

Mentor: c_schmitz, Andrie