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Google Code-in 2010 LimeSurvey

Implement Google Translate in Quick-translation screen

completed by: Kshitij

mentors: Carsten Schmitz, andrie

1. Problem Description

In LimeSurvey 1.91 there is a new quick-translation feature so a dedicated translator can translate all strings in a survey to different languages. However translating everything manually can be a real pain, therefore there should be a new feature where the base translation is done by Google translate

2. Task List

  1. Create a multi-lingual test survey
  2. Check out how the quick translation feature works
  3. Integrate Google translate in the Quick translation feature so on an icon click the base translation work is done. Make sure that existin translations are not overwritten, etc. Also safe-handles should be implemented so if the Google API cannot be connected (offline local installations) or other problems arise there won't be any problems or php errors/notices.


3. Task Steps

  1. Check out the LimeSurvey dev version
  2. Code your changes
  3. Create a subversion patch and discuss it with your mentor(s)


4. Overview

Time Frame: 3 days

Skills: Google API, PHP

Difficulty: Difficult

Mentor: c_schmitz, Andrie