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make an alternate stylesheet that shows our theme in different colorsets / fonts / etc. 1/3

completed by: jbills

mentors: Alexander Schremmer, ReimarBauer, Thomas Waldmann, Ronny Pfannschmidt



Alternate styles make it easy to offer variations of a single base theme.

Show us your design skills by creating your optimized colours, font choices, etc.



See for the basics.


  • your task is NOT to create a completely new and different theme, but just kind of a subtheme / theme variant
  • think about your variant's goal, like "dark", "cool", "big", "small", "fancy", ... (that can be the title then)
  • develop your css in a way that it only changes stuff it needs to change and inherits everything else from the theme
  • firefox offers alternate styles via "view" -> "page style" -> ...

Deliverables: a patch with your implementation, screenshots of at least show, edit and global history view, create a wiki page describing it.



If you change fonts, keep this in mind:

  • maybe use different fonts for navigation areas, page content, headings, TOC, etc.
  • think about and discuss serif or sans-serif fonts
  • good looking:
    • check kerning
    • check scalability (resizing)
    • check how code areas and moin's monospace markup looks like
  • compatible:
    • provide fall backs
    • consider platform availability for at least linux, windows, mac
    • test with different browsers (ff, opera, chrome, ie)
    • check unicode coverage, should cover big parts of unicode, not just english/ascii
    • free license (GPL compatible)
  • readable (don't use tiny font sizes, except that is a primary goal of your style)



If you change colours, keep this in mind:

  • test if the smileys look ok
  • check misc. views about how your colours look in practical use
  • consider accessibility:
    • some people can't differentiate green and red
    • some people need high contrasts
    • avoid low contrasts between text and background of text to improve readability



Gives a new level of (sub-)theming we did not use yet.

This way we can avoid creating multiple theme that are only different in colours (for example).


Skill Requirements



Extra (optional)


You can discuss this issue in the MoinMoin wiki:

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