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colour - can you think about a good way to use colour in moin wiki content?

completed by: Achshar

mentors: Alexander Schremmer, ReimarBauer, Thomas Waldmann, Ronny Pfannschmidt



We need some new markup for using colour in moin wiki content.



Currently we can't define text colour (for a word or sentence) using markup, there is just the span (and some other) macros. Macros look like this:

normal text <<span(red)>>red text<<span()>> normal text

Your task is to find a good and easier markup and show us ideas how others have solved this.


  • how would markup look like? avoid conflicts with existing moin markup.
  • would it use css? if so, how would css look like? if not, why not?
  • how do other wiki engines use markup for colour?

You must deliver a wiki page with examples (markup + html output it would create, css?).


Skill Requirements

See tags.


You can discuss this issue in the MoinMoin wiki: