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Google Code-in 2010 Mono Project

vbnc tests - Implicit Line Continuations

completed by: harrisony

mentors: Rolf Bjarne Kvinge


The task is to write compiler tests for the Implicit Line Continuations feature in VB.Net 10 (



To complete the task the student must provide a series of small test files (each file should test as little as possible), both positive (compilation succeeds) and negative (compilation fails) tests.

The tests must cover the different scenarios listed in the "Continuing a Statement over Multiple lines" section here: The tests must also cover the compiler errors when line breaks occurs outside of those scenarios.

The test suite is located here:

You need a machine with Windows and you need to have Visual Basic 2010 installed (the free express version is good enough).

Once ready the files can be submitted to the mentor for review



* The Visual Basic 10 Language Specification:

* IRC: #mono-gci or #monodev on GimpNET (user: rolf)