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Google Code-in 2010 Mono Project

Build a list of FxCop rules that Gendarme is missing

completed by: Yuri Stuken

mentors: spouliot


Gendarme is a static analysis tool to find problems in .NET software. Gendarme inspects executables and libraries that contain code in ECMA CIL format (Mono and .NET) and looks for common problems with the code, problems that compiler do not typically check or have not historically checked.



Based on VS.NET 2010 documentation [1] and the existing mapping from Gendarme rules [2] build a list of rules that Gendarme is missing the reach parity with FxCop. The list (text file) should include:

* the task id, e.g. CA1234

* the FxCop rule name

* the URL to the rule documentation

The list will help find/priorize more Gendarme rule tasks for the remainder of the GCI 2010 contest :-)


[1] available from

[2] Task "Gendarme support tool mapping FxCop compatibility",



* Gendarme web site:

* Mailing-list / discussions:

* IRC: #gendarme on GimpNET