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Google Code-in 2010 Oregon State University Open Source Lab

Ganeti Web Manager:

completed by: Piotr Banaszkiewicz

mentors: Peter Krenesky, Lance Albertson

Please make sure to submit your patch for this task and to take required notes for it in the OSUOSL issue tracker at Required notes would include letting the community know you are working on the issue with a note in the tracker, any notes on progress or difficulties implementing, etc.

For help with this task, contact kreneskyp or ramereth in #ganeti-webmgr on Freenode.



Since we have a multi-user environment we would like a single daemon that can manage our websocket-vnc-portforwarding.


  • must have a control channel
    • REST, Preferably a server in the standardlib (yes i know httpserver is horribly inefficient, but this is the control channel only)
    • allow localhost only
  • should allow a predefined port pool for local ports. e.g. use ports 1000 through 2000:
    • Unless a specific port is requested, choose the first port available.
    • ports should be returned to the pool when the websocket closes
  • generate a random password that can be used to connect to the requested port.
  • individual websockets should be cleaned up:
    • when the VNC client disconnects
    • or no VNC client connects after a short timeout (30 secs)
  • this should all be done, ideally, without altering the NoVNC code. we'd like to maintain compatibility.
1 # sample use of client
2 proxy_host, proxy_port, password = client.forward_port(dest='', port=12345)