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Google Code-in 2010 Oregon State University Open Source Lab

Ganeti Web Manager: add ability to reinstall an existing virtual machine

completed by: CryptWizard

mentors: Leslie Hawthorn, Greg Lund-Chaix, Peter Krenesky, Lance Albertson, Jeff Sheltren


Please make sure to submit your patch for this task and to take required notes for it in the OSUOSL issue tracker at Required notes would include letting the community know you are working on the issue with a note in the tracker, any notes on progress or difficulties implementing, etc.

For help with this task, contact kreneskyp or ramereth in #osuosl on Freenode. 

Task Description:

You can reinstall a VM without recreating the disks in ganeti using the reinstall call. The only input from the user should be which OS type they want to reinstall with. If you need to change settings you need to do that on the configuration page. It might be good to include an "advanced" view that lets you make changes on the same page as the reinstall view. The VM needs to be in a shutdown state before this happen. It might be nice to check to see if its running and ask the user if its ok to shutdown the VM first.

I think this operation will call for a new permission since we may not want to give users the ability to reinstall but only create. There also needs to be a "are you sure you want to reinstall and destroy your VM" step.