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Ganeti Web Manager: Manager For LogItem should cache log actions internally

completed by: Piotr Banaszkiewicz

mentors: Peter Krenesky

Please make sure to submit your patch for this task and to take required notes for it in the OSUOSL issue tracker at Required notes would include letting the community know you are working on the issue with a note in the tracker, any notes on progress or difficulties implementing, etc.

For help with this task, contact kreneskyp or ramereth in #osuosl on Freenode. 



The manager for LogItem has a log_action method for creating new log messages. It is intended for users of this manager to pass in action as a string rather than query the object themselves. The manager will query the LogAction and apply it.

This has a few problems

  • the action might not exist yet, it will need to be created
  • the extra queries will increase overhead, it should be cached internally to the manager instead