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Ganeti Web Manager: logging - core tables

completed by: Piotr Banaszkiewicz

mentors: Leslie Hawthorn, Greg Lund-Chaix, Peter Krenesky, Lance Albertson, Jeff Sheltren


Please make sure to submit your patch for this task and to take required notes for it in the OSUOSL issue tracker at Required notes would include letting the community know you are working on the issue with a note in the tracker, any notes on progress or difficulties implementing, etc.

For help with this task, contact kreneskyp or ramereth in #osuosl on Freenode. 

Task Description:

implement core tables for logging data. should be able to track:

  • User who committed action
  • action
  • Object being modified
  • User/Group affected by the change: perm changes, quota changes
Note that this issue blocks several related issues, some of which are GCI tasks. These tasks are considered separate for the purposes of GCI.