GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 Parrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation

Improve test coverage of src/embed/strings.c by 10%

completed by: Matt Rajca

mentors: whiteknight

Task Description: Test coverage is an important metric which shows how effectively our test suite exercises the behaviors of our code. The higher our test coverage, the more assured we are that our code does what it claims to do and will not break when we make changes to things.

Parrot has recently added a new API for embedding applications. Since these functions are user-facing it is extremely important that they be properly tested

Increase the test coverage of the file src/embed/strings.c by at least 10%.

Steps to Complete:

  1. Create a fork of parrot/parrot on github
  2. Implement enough new tests in t/src/embed/strings.t to increase the test coverage to 34% at least.
  3. Open a pull request on github to have your changes merged in.