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Google Code-in 2010 Parrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation

Create a Parrot User Survey

completed by: svij

mentors: cotto

Parrot would like a survey created, in the form of a Google Form connected to a spreadsheet, which we can send out to the parrot-dev and parrot-users maillings lists to see how people are using Parrot and what they use it for. This survey will be similar in the kind of questions that are asked as the "Git Survey". Questions such as "which version of Parrot do you use", "How long have you been using Parrot" and "Which parrot projects have you heard of or used" will be asked. The survey should have at least 30 questions. All questions should be optional, so people can answer as many questions as they want.

Completing this task will also require working with a Parrot mentor to get this posted on as a blog post.

This survey will allow the Parrot community to learn more about itself and learn how to best provide what users and developers want.