GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 Parrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation

Create a website for

completed by: CameronM

mentors: cotto

Parrot has a website at Github, where Parrot's source code repository will be, allows creating websites on its servers for users and organizations. The Parrot organization could use such a website to help direct new visitors to other resources.

The new website can be a simple, single-page site. It does not need to be fancy.

The new site should contain links to common Parrot resources including Parrot's home page, the issue tracker, the souce code repository, the mailing lists, IRC logs, Parrot-related blogs, online documentation and other useful stuff. It should have a seperate CSS file so that the design of the page can easily be changed. Some images, such as the Parrot logo and a few others, can be included.

Benefits: Users going to htp:// will be able to find the resources they are looking for without getting lost or confused.

Requirements: Basic understanding of the web. Prior experience with markup languages (especially HTML/CSS, but also Markdown, Textile, or others would be fine). Ability to use Git a plus.