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Google Code-in 2010 Parrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation

Mark all platform-specific functions PARROT_EXPORT

completed by: rfw

mentors: cotto

Task Description

In order for users of libparrot (including dynpmcs) to be able to use Parrot's platform-specific functions, those functions will need to be marked with PARROT_EXPORT. These functions live in config/gen/platform/*/*.c.

Steps To Complete This Task

  1. Create a fork of parrot.git on
  2. Add PARROT_EXPORT to all platform-specific functions and rerun
  3. Build parrot and run its test suite (make fulltest) to verify that things still work
  4. Create a Github pull request (button on the upper right of your fork) to have your changes incorporated into the master repository


  1. libparrot's users will be able to use platofrm-specific functions.


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