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Google Code-in 2010 Parrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation

Test coverage for Parrot_ns_make_namespace_autobase

completed by: rfw

mentors: whiteknight

Task Description: Test coverage is important because it lets us know what parts of the code are tested and verified, and which are not. We may never have perfect coverage, but we would like it to be as high as possible.

The function src/namespace.c:Parrot_ns_make_namespace_autobase currently has no test coverage. Evaluate this function to determine if it is called from anywhere in the codebase. If It is called, add a test or tests to cover it completely. If not, we need to remove that function following a deprecation cycle.

Steps to Complete:

  1. Create a clone of parrot/parrot on Github
  2. Evaluate the function src/namespace.c:Parrot_ns_make_namespace_autobase
    • If it is being used, Test it.
    • If it is not being used:
      1. Create a new git branch and remove that function
      2. Open a new ticket at to recommend removal. Mark the ticket as a "deprecation", and assign it to whiteknight.
  3. If necessary, open a pull request on Github to have any code changes merged