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Google Code-in 2010 Parrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation

Take 100 lines off of fill_params in src/call/args.c

completed by: Matt Rajca

mentors: cotto

Task Description

Improve the factoring of fill_params in src/call/args.c.  The function is currently 403 lines long, which is clearly too much.  Your job is to make it ~300 lines or less.  Do this by finding a self-contained piece chunk of code and breaking it out into a nice small static function with an aptly descriptive name. Also, look at the code before you jump in.  This isn't an especially easy task.  The code, however, is well-covered by our tests.  If all tests pass, you can be quite sure that you didn't miss anything.

Steps To Complete This Task

  1. Create a fork of parrot.git on
  2. Perform all the necessary code and/or documentation changes in a branch.
  3. Build parrot and run its test suite (make fulltest) to verify that things still work
  4. Create a Github pull request (button on the upper right of your fork) to have your changes incorporated into the master repository


  1. C coding ability

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